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Are you ready to help your ADHD and anxious teen find success, peace and connection

without adding anymore stress to your day?

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Does this sound like you?

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What if I told you that you could help your teen feel peace, find success, and foster connection?

Using Emotional Resilience Grounded in Scripture, it’s not only possible but powerful!

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You will have Christ-centered resources to help your teen recognize the Spirit.


Your relationship with your teen will grow as you begin to work together with them.

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You’ll be part of an uplifting community that will be there for you along the way.

Kind words from current students.


Emotional Resilience Grounded in Scripture for parents of ADHD anxious teens

✔️ Replace anxiety with peace using Emotional Resilience Grounded in Scripture
✔️ Discover your teen’s unique ADHD strengths and use them to overcome challenges together
✔️ Parent your ADHD and/or anxious teen with connection to get results

Here's what's included:

The perfect amount of support when you need it most

Group Coaching

LIVE weekly group coaching. Each week we answer top of mind questions, cover a relevant topic, set goals and offer support.

(Sessions are recorded)

Unlimited Access

One year of unlimited access to the course Emotional Resilience Grounded in Scripture that has been proven successful for hundreds of clients.

Private Community

Support between coaching sessions through our WhatsApp group. Need some encouragement mid-week? We’ve got you!

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Here are some topics we'll cover

The following modules are an example of the topics we’ll cover.

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Understanding Emotions

In this module we’ll cover my system of:

  • Identifying and naming the most common emotions ADHD teens feel.
  • Learning why ADHD anxious teens feel emotions even more intensely than others and how to manage them.
  • Learn how to use ADHD teen’s emotional superpower to build connections with others.


In this module we’ll cover my system of:

  • Creating micro-goal systems for ADHD teens to help them strengthen their executive brain.
  • Identifying which goals are the most important for your ADHD anxious teen to focus on.
  • How to set up a reward/consequence system that works specifically for ADHD anxious teens.
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Discerning the Spirit

In this module we’ll cover my system of:

  • How to help your ADHD anxious teen tell the difference between the Spirit and adversary.
  • How to manage the anxious thoughts that keep swirling in your ADHD teen’s brain.
  • The most common lies the adversary tells ADHD anxious teens and how to shift them.

Circle of Control

In this module we’ll cover my system of:

  • Your ADHD teen’s circle of control and what they cannot control.
  • The scientific ties between anxiety and control.
  • How to change our mindset around the difficult things that ADHD anxious teen’s cannot control.
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Study Habits

In this module we’ll cover my system of:

  • Study habits that are proven to work for kids with an ADHD brain.
  • How to adapt assignments for teens with ADHD so they don’t get overwhelmed by them.
  • The role anxiety plays when it comes to school and homework.

Kind words from current group members.

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Group members get these amazing bonuses!


Ready made templates for your use to send to your school to advocate for your child


Leading edge articles, research and techniques as they are released to the public.


Access to an entire library of recorded calls, religious articles, videos, media resources and downloadable worksheets.

Don’t delay helping your ADHD and anxious teen feel peace, find success and foster connection. They need you more than ever.

No contract, cancel anytime

If you decide this group isn’t for you, it’s easy to cancel your subscription with a 7-day notice. No questions asked.

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oh, hey there,

I'm Diane Passey!

I am a wife, mom of seven, grandma of six and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

As a speaker, podcaster and coach, I work with moms who have ADHD and anxious teens to help them find success, feel peace and foster connection.

I have coached over a thousand clients the past six years using my signature system, Emotional Resilience Grounded in Scripture, using humor and sincere love.

I am certified through the International Coaching Federation, Certified Coaching Alliance, Guiding Good Choices, Advanced Suicide Prevention, ADHD and anxiety. 

I am a certified speaker, part of the National Speaker Association and a Disciple Thought Leader Ambassador. I speak at events all over Utah, working with parents who want to help their kids become more Emotionally Resilient. 

frequently asked questions

You've got Q's? We've got A's.

Here are the answers to your top questions!

This group is for moms and/or women. I don’t have a group for men or teens right now. If your teen could use some support, I suggest scheduling a call so we can see what options are available for them.

This group is currently $97 a month. There is no registration fee and you can cancel at anytime.

Coaching is great for people who want to accomplish a goal and need the extra support, accountability, tools and resources that coaches can offer. Coaching is much faster than therapy and is a powerful way to reach your goals. 

Coaching is not for moms or teens who are suicidal, self-harming, have experienced abuse or trauma or have other serious mental health conditions. If you or your teen are currently struggling with one of the above, I recommend finding a specialized therapist to help them.

The skills we cover are helpful for every parent. Most teens will experience anxiety by the time they are a young adult. These tools will help you know how to address anxiety and help your family have the necessary tools to manage it in a healthy way. 

Awesome! I’d love to connect with you! Please schedule a call with me through this link. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Coaching is generally not covered by insurance. 

Absolutely! I have a limited number of one-on-one coaching spots available. The best thing is to reach out and schedule a free discovery call with me so we can talk about what the next step would be to get your teen the individual coaching they need.

No problem! We record each group meeting and upload it to your membership site. You can access the videos usually within 24 hours of the meeting time. 

Most of the moms and teens I work with do NOT have an official diagnosis of ADHD and/or anxiety.

Whether you want to get that official diagnosis is a personal choice. There are medications that will be a huge help for them, but not all parents or teens feel comfortable with them. 

Getting an official diagnosis is completely up to you.

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Join "Latter-day Saint Mom Support for ADHD and Anxious Teens" right away!

The sooner you begin learning how to help your teen, the faster they will be able to feel peace, find success and foster connection. 



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If you've still got questions for us or want to chat, please email me anytime! I'd love the chance to chat further, no pressure, I promise. diane@dianepassey.com